Season 01, Episode 04
Air Date October 8, 2002
Writer W. Bruce Cameron
Director James Widdoes
Previous Bridget's First Job
Next Son-in-Law

Wings is the forth episode of 8 Simple Rules's first season which aired for the first time on October 8, 2002.

Summary Edit

Bridget wants desperately to take her driver's test, but Paul keeps making excuses as to why she can't. Kerry decides to enter an art contest, but is devastated when she's rejected. Paul goes to find out why and one of the judges says that while Kerry is very talented, her artwork was not suitable for the contest. Kerry decides to throw out her artwork. Paul has to find out why she didn't make the cut.

Cate later on takes Bridget to her driving test to which Paul reluctantly agrees. Bridget comes back home, a newly licensed Michigan driver. As she and Kerry leave to go to the store, Paul watches them from the garage and gives a little wave, saying "Off you go". (That part was included as the last clip in a montage of John Ritter at the end of his last episode).